knee replacement surgery Indore


Biomedical procedures have emerged as a Revolutionary development in the field of orthopedics. These procedures are commonly used today in knee replacement. Indore’s top orthopedic surgeon Dr. Deepak Mantri is one of the leading doctors today who perfectly combine biomedical engineering with medicinal proficiency to successfully carry out partial or total knee replacement.




Prosthesis designers use biomedical engineering to design customized parts or joints of the knee. It requires extraordinary engineering finesse and incredible perfection to design the requisite parts. Then it is the surgeon’s experience and expertise when incorporating the surgery.

Dr Deepak Mantri has a really committed team of experts who co-ordinate with biomedical designers for the requisite part of knee or knee joint needed to treat a patient. Hereafter Dr Deepak performs the surgery with the help of Biomedical procedures to accomplish successful knee replacement.

Dr. Deepak holds long time experience in all types of knee replacement surgeries. As a result of his biomedical procedures, some evident advantages can be expected:

  • Less painful procedures.
  • Quick and easy recovery.
  • Complete care by dedicated team.

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