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Fractures around hip joint

Very Common especially in elderly age due to weak bones by osteoporosis. Could happen by trivia fall or jerk and at times missed also on screening x-ray as it may be impacted fracture.

Fracture in this region involves Peritrochorteric fractures and neck of femur fractures. Most of these fractures requires internal fixation by devices like plate or nails and  screws.


As Fractures at this region affects blood supply of femoral head so all these fracture are needed to be addressed by fixation in optimal position as soon as possible to take best chances of its healing & preserving  blood supply to femora head & to reduces complecations which may develop due to bedridden posture. Surgeries performed for all these fracture ranges from keyhole surgeries like proximal  femoral nailing to open reduction & fixation by plate & screw system and even partial or total hip replacement.

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