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Total Hip Replacement is the procedure required for patients who have been suffering from osteoarthritis, congenial abnormality of the hip, rheumatoid arthritis or some kind of trauma & AVN leading to arthritis of joint. The disruption in the hip joint restraints patients from their normal functioning like climbing the stairs, walking or even when getting up from a sleeping or sitting position.

Medical advancements have made this surgery quite common today.

Orthopedics may advice total hip replacement to such patients. This is another complex procedure in which the doctors use artificial prosthetic implants to replace the damaged cartilage and the problematic hip joint bone through surgery. They also take out the damaged ball and socket during the surgery and replace them with artificial plastic cup socket and metal ball.

Dr. Deepak Mantri, experienced joint replacement surgeon and renowned orthopedic expert at Indore, holds exclusive specialization for hip replacement surgeries. Patients who get total hip replacement done by Dr. Deepak Mantri enjoy following improvements:

  • Better mobility
  • Ease in walking
  • Normally climbing the staircase
  • Getting up from a position
  • Relief from pain
  • Normal lifestyle

Total Hip Replacement at the clinic of Dr. Deepak Mantri is extremely cost-effective. The artificial parts, used to replace hip joint, cartilage, socket and damaged ball, are also of high quality and meet international standards.

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