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Lifestyle modification, regular activity and timely medical opinion helps a long way in delaying Knee Arthritis.

Most common factor leading to rapid aggravation of knee arthritis is increased body weight. It is important to keep BMI check and monitor weight gain beyond the acceptable limits. Although, increased body weight is not a cause of arthritis; however, if arthritis is developing body weight can accelerate the rate of damage.

Second factor is presence of Positive family history. It covers those healthy individuals who have a sibling or parents with arthritis. It is important to ascertain the type of arthritis, as management depends upon the etiology. Normal individuals with positive family history should get a routine check done every year after 40 years of age to check of early signs and symptoms.


Third important step is Education. It is helpful to gather information about the natural course of arthritis progression, so that patients and healthy subjects can pick up earliest warning signs and symptoms. Any knee pain persisting for more than 6 weeks, or knee pain over 3 weeks with positive family history; or knee pain associated with swelling or fever – Such cases need urgent Orthopedic opinion.

Fourth step is towards adoption of healthy lifestyle. Knee Arthritis is more common in Asian population due to adoption of postures like squatting and cross leg sitting, and some genetic influence. It is advisable to healthy individuals that they should avoid squatting/ cross leg sitting/ kneeling if they experience earliest signs of knee pain.

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