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Knee replacement surgery is offered to patients with advanced degenerative or inflammatory knee arthritis, who have not responded adequately to more than 6 weeks of supervised physiotherapy; and in whom knee pain and/ or disability is causing a significant impact over activities of daily living.

This procedure involves replacement of damaged cartilage with Metal components and High density polyethylene insert. Typically, the femoral components are made of Co-Cr alloy, tibial components are Ti-Al-Vn alloys, and polyethylene insert is highly cross-linked polymer to reduce frictional wear.

With the advent of latest technology, the success rates after knee replacement surgery have gone very high, with a patient satisfaction rate of more than 90 percent.


Custom Knee Replacement is the latest technology that can offer best alignment for an individual knee implants.

This technology utilizes patient’s MRI/ CT data to design special instruments that are specific for the patient’s anatomy.



Each knee joint has a different anatomy and morphology. Custom made instruments help to restore the mechanical axis as close to the natural axis as possible. Technically, it helps to get the best size and fit for a knee replacement.
Significant reduction in Surgery time, thereby reducing risk of infection, and other complications.
The Surgeon can avoid making a hole in the Femoral canal for Intra-Medullary alignment, a technique used in traditional knee replacement surgery. This can significantly reduce the risk of embolism.

It adds to the cost of knee replacement by approximately 10 %.


In Custom knee replacement, the implants are designed for the individual knee.

Explanation :

In a Custom Knee Replacement surgery, the surgeon uses the same set of implants, as in a conventional surgery.

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