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Pelvis Acetabular Trauma Reconstruction

Pelvic Acetabular Trauma may be primarily caused due to road accidents. However, it may also arise because a severe fall or accident in a production area. A critical situation occurs here when the fermur head is forcefully driven through acetabulum.

Candidates for Pelvic Acetabular Trauma Reconstruction

As a result of pelvic acetabular trauma, patients may develop hip arthritis leading to intense pain. Their hip mobility may also get distracted, thus restricting the routing functions. There is a further hazard of peril to other internal organs.


Patients facing acetabulum fracture may be advised surgery in most cases.

Dr. Deepak Mantri is an adept surgeon with prolonged experienced in conducting pelvic acetabular trauma reconstruction. With his world-class surgical skills, Dr. Mantri ensures accurate reconstruction of fractured acetabulum which further perfectly fits in the femoral head.

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