Joint Replacement doctor Indore


Over the years, arthritis has been one of the major health issues for many people around the globe. Senior citizens or aged people have been the worst affected because of arthritis – primarily impacting their knees. However, the good news is that medicinal advancements and groundbreaking medical studies have enabled successful cure of arthritis.

Knee replacement is complex kind surgery which is successfully conducted by Dr. Deepak Mantriwell known orthopedic & Joint replacement surgeon, at Indore.

When conventional methods for pain relief are not effective anymore, Total Knee Replacement is the only option left. This is an advanced level surgery which needs to be done only by expert orthopedic surgeons.

Dr Deepak Mantri is an exceedingly talented surgeon with exemplary surgical skills and long experience. Patients who get total knee replacement done by Dr. Mantri look forward to the following advantages:

  • Painless surgery with less than 4 days of hospitalization.
  • High success rate – regardless of patient’s previous medical history.
  • Restoration of normal routine in two to three weeks.
  • Good bye arthritis – live a life entirely free from pain.
  • Little to no side-effects.

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