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Unicondylar Knee Replacement (Microplasty)

Microplasty, or unicondylar knee replacement, is one of the most advanced procedures in present scenerio of joint replacements. Orthopedics surgeon prefer this procedure as it requires small incision and carry out joint replacement with least interference to soft tissues of knee joint. This kind of partial knee replacement requires exclusive surgical skills and experience.

Prime advantages of this surgery are:

  • least interference with soft tissues around knee,
  • Quicker post-surgery recovery
  • Relief from joint pain.

Dr. Deepak Mantri, Indore’s adept orthopedic surgeon, has successfully accomplished this surgery on numerous patients. Consequently, all those patients:

  • Started performing their routine activities with ease.
  • Restored normalcy soon after the surgery
  • can squtt and sit cross legged or kneel also
  • Eliminated knee pain from their life.

Knee Arthritis is one of the common problems which come with aging, and it is really painful. It obstructs a person’s normal being and hinders the patient’s everyday activities. It usually initiates in the medial compartment of knee joint and further proceeds to the other compartment when neglected for long time.

With the help of Unicondylar Knee Replacement or Microplasty, the spread of arthritic erosion can be stopped and patient’s pain can be substantially relieved – well at the early stage, and only the affected portion of knee is replaced and this eventually halts progress of arthritis to other compartment also and this procedure usually gives good results for more than twenty years or so .

Dr. Deepak Mantri, together with his team of medico experts and prosthesis designers, has been successfully performing this surgery for many years.

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